Refund Policy

Pcpatchers Refund Policy

For Subscription based plan

a) A full refund will be issued if Pcpatchers ltd has not been able to resolve even a single issue for you, within the first 7 days of subscription.

b) If there are one or more resolved issue, at-least $99.99 will be charged or $70.00 per hour, whichever is higher.

c) If you have subscription based plan, You can cancel it anytime before subscription is over and you would be reimbursed as per below mentioned

d) In case you never avail our service after you paid for it- You would paid out remainder of the subscription money after deducting at least $99.99 or $70.00 per hour for the work carried out on your computer, whichever is higher

e) In case you avail our services after you paid for it- Apart from $99.99, you would we charged at least $69.99 per incident, when you avail our services

For incident plan

You will be eligible for refund if any of following criteria are met.

a) You have all prerequisites to resolve the problem and the issue was not resolved till the account was active within 24 hours.

b) The issue is out of scope for particular plan.

c) 15 days have not passed, after Pcpatchers technicians last worked upon the issue.

d) No refund would be issued in any case for Virus Removal plans in below conditions-

e) Your firewall is found turned off

f) You don't have a valid and latest antivirus installed

g) You have found to be visiting malicious websites and downloading software that might have changed your firewall settings

If you replaced or tried to replace your antivirus

If in any case, the virus/malware/spyware we removed under virus removal instance plan persist within 7 days of your paying for the plan, we should remove it for free.

Support Plan Includes

  • 99% resolution rate on very first call.
  • We work on " No fix, No Pay" basis
  • Round the clock support everyday
  • No recurring billing.
  • wide range of support plans to choose from.

Pcpatchers Disclaimer

Pcpatchers is an independent service provider and not affilated with any third party brand unless specified. All logos and brands name are just for reference. Call us now for instant resolution. is dedicated in providing all its customers best technical support services for software, hardware, and peripherals.