Support For Mac

MAC is one of the most high-priced and a top machine of the world which has latest softwares, latest processors, and graphics. Folks of every group like school, hospitals, and offices are discovered using MAC. MAC upgrades your entire computer know-how.

Scope of services :

  • Installation and configuration of Mac OS X.
  • Technical Support for Mac Devices.
  • Synchronization of Devices with Mac.
  • Range of software and application support on Mac.
  • Virus Protection.

Support we provide:-

  • MacBook Air Support: It is freshly enrolled product of the Mac bandwagon, MacBook Air is power efficient and free of many harmful toxins. It includes features that augment graphic presentation, flash performance, and also external display support. MacBook Air comprises of Intel core i5 and i7 processors that make it simpler to handle issues like troubleshooting, installing, repairing, restoring of MacBook Air with care.
  • Mac Mini Support: Mac Mini is just a little powerhouse that has latest dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors that mean it has upto 2x faster processors so it is easy to set up, fix, and run. It gives you complete liberty from pounding problems like installation/un-installation blues, configuration & set up troubles, connection issues, video queries etc.
  • iMac Support: iMac is sleek and elegant and has nearly twice the processing speed. It has newest graphics and ultrafast Thunderbolt I/O. If there is any blue green picture on screen from an inbuilt camera then at time you can depend on Pcpatchers for its best remote Technical support so as to free you from any computer hassles.
  • Mac Pro Support: Revitalizing your PC's performance, the new Mac Pro is introduced with upto 12 crores of processing power as it is the fastest Mac ever. It is launched with high-speed memory, PCI Express graphics & expansion. But like other brand pc, this multi-crore technology can also get problems or issues like compatibility issues with Windows 7, Blue tooth, audio-video issues which could be demolished easily with our first-class Mac support.

Pcpatchers's Unlimited Support

  • Fast and easy resolution to all your computer needs.
  • Diagnosis is conducted remotely offering complete solutions.
  • Services available 24/7 at superb prices.
  • Remote aid for speedy and complete solutions.
  • Brings you highest quality IT support with specialized skills and high-priced knowledge.
  • Highly Educated and trained engineers specialize in fixing all sorts of bugs, viruses, and software issues.