Firewall Security Support

Support For FirewallSecurity

A computer firewall is a security system that protects your pc from unwanted hackers, interlopers, or malicious code. Firewall monitors all the incoming and outgoing network packets on your PC. Firewall prevents any unauthorized access to or from a private network as it has an integral component that is provided by PC security companies. Microsoft also provides inbuilt Windows Firewall with its Windows OS, which could be replaced with 3rd party computer security applications.

Common Firewall® Issues

  • Difficulty with Internet Connection
  • Restricts access to certain services.
  • Unable to locate the installed printer.
  • Troubles in networking your PC with other pc.
  • Pc discontinues detection of attached USB external devices.
  • Unable to send/receive emails in Email Clients.

Scope of Services

  • We install/fix well-suited firewall application and security package in your pc.
  • Pcpatchers will assist you with Activation of the firewall.
  • Configuring of Firewall in your pc.
  • Blocking any illicit access to your computer system.
  • Defencing your pc from unwanted hackers or security threats.

Pcpatchers’s Unlimited Support

  • Provide Immaculate experience fixing your pc problems.
  • Ensure faultless functioning of your system.
  • Assist round-the-clock at single buzz.
  • Huge panel of engineers with specialized skills and expensive knowledge.
  • Support at Matchless prices.

Support Plan Includes

  • 99% resolution rate on very first call.
  • We work on " No fix, No Pay" basis
  • Round the clock support everyday
  • No recurring billing.
  • wide range of support plans to choose from.

Pcpatchers Disclaimer

Pcpatchers is an independent service provider and not affilated with any third party brand unless specified. All logos and brands name are just for reference. Call us now for instant resolution. is dedicated in providing all its customers best technical support services for software, hardware, and peripherals.