What is Pcpatchers?

Pcpatchers is an independent remote technical service provider. We support all windows and software related issues in The United States,The United Kingdom and Australia and have a huge client base in these countries. We are also tying up with local hardware support providers to give our customers a one stop solution.

What all Pcpatchers support?

We support all major bands laptops, printers, scanners , CD/ DVD writers & other peripheral devices . We have certified technicians for Windows & Macintosh computers. We are not affiliated and associated with any third party unless specified.

Can Pcpatchers help me with my slow PC?

Slow PC?s can be extremely frustrating to work with. It?s imperative to get your computer and laptops serviced on a regular basis, like you get your car serviced. It?s absolutely important for a great performance. Our tech support experts will optimize your PC and enhance its performance and life.

Can Pcpatchers help me out with hardware issues?

Many times, the problem appears to be hardware related however it may actually be software related. If you aren?t sure, reach us and we would diagnose it for you for free. If it turns out to be a hardware issue, we recommend you the local support and don?t charge you anything for that.

What type of services does Pcpatchers deliver?

We provide a subscription based support to the customers. The customers can choose the plan as per their choice. We deal with all computer & Laptop Brands, Virus removal, antivirus download, printer Driver & setup issues, computer optimization and much more.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept all the major credit cards and you can make payment through our official website during the phone call with our representative. We don?t store any card information with us, you can make the payment on our secure gateway yourself. We don?t accept MoneyGram, Western Union, Green Dot or other insecure mode of payments.

Will you charge me if my issue is not solved?

Pcpatchers only charges you if the problem you described can be fixed. While working on your system it?s found to be a hardware issue, we charge a very minimal amount for the time we spent working on it.

What solutions can I expect from Pcpatchers?

You can expect support and resolution of every technical issue which can be solved remotely. Once the remote is given to the technician you can sit back and relax. The expert will work and fix it or give you a work around permanent solution.

Is it easy and secure to use?

Certainly! Remote Support is an 100% secured mode of getting prompt assistance and you also have complete control over the PC during the entire remote session. Our technician can access your computer screen only when you permit. If you find it going unprofessional or you are uneasy about it, you can simply disconnect & close the session any time during the sharing.

What do I need to get remote support access?

If you have a working internet connection , call us and you can avail our support by allowing the representative to remotely access your PC.

What hours is Pcpatchers available for the service?

The competent services at Pcpatchers are available any time of the day, 365 days a year.

How do I sign up for Pcpatchers services?

Choose the way you want to reach us. You can call us Toll Free. You may also choose to chat with us or send us an email request to contact you back for assistance with sign up process. We are here 24*7 at your service.

Support Plan Includes

  • 99% resolution rate on very first call.
  • We work on " No fix, No Pay" basis
  • Round the clock support everyday
  • No recurring billing.
  • wide range of support plans to choose from.

Pcpatchers Disclaimer

Pcpatchers is an independent service provider and not affilated with any third party brand unless specified. All logos and brands name are just for reference. Call us now for instant resolution. Pcpatchers.net is dedicated in providing all its customers best technical support services for software, hardware, and peripherals.